Ottoman Organic


Darvari Group of Companies are based in Romania, Turkey and Hungary are mostly involve contracting for industrial projects While we are in chemical plants or refineries we made attention that the food industries is going to be a chemical process and we are loosing the original food from natural farms. To remind people that we had original natural foods when we were child we decide to establish a new company who will focus only organic and natural food and serving to our people. We start doing the best ,original and natural olive oil and present to the countries that already forget the natural foods. We were in oil business in the refineries and now we are in Olive Oil.
Our company is based on the north-west of Turkey. Our city is Çanakkale (Dardanelles) and our farm is in Mecidiye village near by Geyikli and Troy. We have around 30 Ha of olive farms including approximatly 6000 olive trees ( most of them are older than 100 years) and more than 10000 trees of our near by farmers which are carefully controlled , supported and organized by us to recieve the best quality of olive.
Our factory in Mecidiye Village with a capacity of 70 tons/day, fully equipped with latest technology and which keep the original traditional way of having olive oil.
Our targets is to bring the real natural best olive oil to you with the original and traditional way of producins.
We got that holy tree from God and we want to share the fruits and health of theses trees with you all.


Ottoman’s mission is simple – to share with our community fresh , clean and sustainably-sourced foods that are not only packed with nutrients but also taste amazing.
We are the only ones between you and the farm, which is absolutely crucial in guaranteeing the olive oil is fresh, truly extra virgin and of excellent quality. We have integrity, and our goal is to make sure everything we offer is fresh and of the highest quality you can find.
With us, you get exactly what we promise!