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Cold Pressed

It’s a proven fact that contact with heat removes polyphenols (antioxidants) from the olive oil while also reducing flavor and body. Ottoman’s olives are never in contact with heat and are always cold processed. That is how we produce premium quality extra virgin olive oil bottle after bottle.

Single Estate

No blends of different grades, seasons, regions and countries. Our product is single sourced and made from a single type of olives enhancing the flavors unique to our brand. Mixing olives and blending oils from different regions are unfortunately common in the industry but not with Ottoman!

Early Harvest

99% of our olives are green and picked early to achieve the low acidity of 0.5% that makes our products unapologetically Extra Virgin. The only way we know is to pick the best of olives on the first day of harvest and process within hours to sustain the high standards we set for ourselves!

Why Ottoman Olive Oils?

Making olive oil is similar to making art, and the resulting product should be like a work of art and leave its taste on your plate for a long time.

Therefore, in order to realize this, we have taken care to determine the most accurate technique and method by examining the books written in Spain and Italy, one of the most important olive oil producers in the world, as well as the experts of the subject and the Ottoman family.

As a result, our factory is equipped with all the facilities of technology in Çanakkale by realizing the principles of health, safety and naturalness that we have achieved in order to ensure that every individual can taste the real olive oil.

It is a very hygienic approach for human health to carry out the squeezing process after washing the olives brought to the factory in suitable conditions and brought to the perforated crates twice.

Unlike the products you have consumed for years in the name of olive oil, we provide all our customers to enjoy 100% olive oil by offering options that are natural, produced under appropriate conditions 
You can use all of our products in every meal, appetizer and pastry. 

Why Ottoman Olive Oils?

Did you know?

Did you know



During the 2018/2019 season, Turkey was the 4th largest producer of olive oil in Europe



The oldest olive oil facility can be found in west Anatolia near Izmir, Turkey (600 BC)

Did you know
Did you know


Troy has the second highest level of oxygen in the air after the Swiss Alps, thereby enabling olive trees to be healthier than other regions

Ultimate Premium Oil of the Mediterranean Diet!

Ottoman Turkish Genuine Olive Oil

Turkey is world’s 2nd largest table oil producer

Turkey produces around 250k tonnes of olive oil each year and Ottoman only takes the best 500 tonnes to share with you

Source of All Olives

“Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)”


Turkey is the leading gene hub and motherland of olive plants with more than 90 registered varieties


Many of those varieties are endemic to the region and has been part of the olive ecosystem since centuries ago


One of world’s oldest olive trees is in Turkey (over 2000 years old) and still produces olives that get pressed into a fine oil that gets auctioned off each year at $20k+ per liter